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May 2, 2007
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Az's Tips to Drawing Hands by Uberzers Az's Tips to Drawing Hands by Uberzers
Edit: If this doesnt help you then don't pin me down for it! I dont think im the best at drawing hands but this is tips meant for people who have a lot of trouble with hands and this is just showing them ways they can help improve! I really can NOT believe the bullshit I'm recieving for some of this! D| Just cause it doesnt help you it doesnt mean others aren't learning from this.
I dont think i'll be making anything else like this now.
i'll deal with it though. THanks for all your 'thanks' guys -3-

A bit wordy XD But still I hope its helpful to those who struggle with hands. I myself struggle to draw hands most of the time too but these are just some basic tips to improving problems you may be having when it comes to hands.

I might do some more. If theres anything else you have a hard time with then I guess tell me >__O
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