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iAnti - Nice Smile by Uberzers iAnti - Nice Smile by Uberzers
Yukito continued forward one or two quick steps before backflip-kicking Belial in the mouth, as hard as he possibly could for a mage, before landing on the ground. Looking up, Yukito noticed that Belial too was now bleeding from the side of his mouth. Yukito grinned even more so from the sight of a hurt Belial and couldn't help but slap him down one.

"ohh? What was this about my not being able to hurt you with a physical attack?"

He stood upright once again, he was definitely savoring this moment for all its worth.

Belial took a few steps back after being kicked in the face, completely unprepared to defend himself against it. There was more than just blood coming from his mouth. Feeling something moving around inside he spat it out with a bit of blood.

A... tooth?

That fucker just kicked out a TOOTH!? It wasn't any of the front teeth- more near the back and since it wasn't zirus'd out this wasn't permanent. but still! Why was it that every time he fought Yukito he ended up losing something!?

"BASTARD! You took a fucking tooth out!"

Yukito laughed outright. Seeing the big lumpy pile of blood and tooth on the floor was just damn funny. Fye just had to get a screen shot of that.

"I think your smile is much more attractive now" He grinned, taunting Belial.


I... I had to draw this scene D:

Yukito (c) :iconkururu-pon:
Belial + Pic (c) :iconfrzdragon:
Sketched and lineart done on OC3. Colored on Photoshop CS

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September 16, 2008
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